3 Good Tips for Fishing Beginners

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Fishing has always been popular. There is new blood constantly pumping into this sport. Here are some useful tips to help beginners grow quickly and enjoy fishing better.

Pay attention to performance fishing shirts. It won't cost you much money but makes your journey of fishing more comfortable. It would be better if your shirt have UPF 50, which protects you from the sun's rays while keeping you cool all day. You don't want to get sunburned, right? But keep in mind, it's no need to buy a high-end one. Just keep it as simple as possible. Having common shirts or custom fishing shirts is definitely the way to go.

 fishing shirts

Learn to exchange ideas with other fishermen. Once you start fishing, you will easily find so many fishing guys around your community. Those guys are very useful resources. Most fishermen are friendly and open to sharing tips (except for fishing spots). When you have any questions about tides, baits or gears, you can just ask those guys for advise. If your fishing partner need new fishing neck gaiters and you know which brand is most suitable for him, you should share it to him. You scratch my back and I scratch yours. This is called virtuous circle. Who doesn’t want to belong to this kind of community. You won't feel lonely in this fishing community. We are all happy to help each other.

 go fishing with friends

Keep taking notes. I am not joking, bro. And I highly recommend you do this every time. Trust me, you will see gradual progress from it if you really take it seriously. There are many factors that determine whether you can catch fish. You have got to figure out which combination of those factors is most effective. The best way to keep track of those factors is taking notes. You can write down the location, tides, moon cycle, and baits used, etc. And then review these notes frequently and pick out those works that worked. Taking notes help you summarize your flaws and guide you how to optimize, if you don't know how to optimize, go back to the second tip. After a while of time, you will be more experienced.

These three tips are time-tested and very practical. I come to this conclusion after a lot of hardships. If you decide to start fishing journey, these tips would definitely bring a lot of helps.

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